To Live Would Be an Awfully Big Adventure

Bucket lists: love them or hate them? Personally, I love a good bucket list. They get me excited for the future and are good reminders to live, not simply exist.

I’ve attempted multiple bucket lists in the past.The last one I made was in October of 2015, featuring things I’ve already ticked off and things I’ve yet to do. You can take a look at the old one on my previous blog here.

I’ve had many experiences in my 25 years that I’m very grateful for. However, this new and improved bucket list highlights only the things I’ve yet to do (and hopefully what’s to come!)

 stay close to (3)

stay close to (5)

So maybe I’m a little overzealous, so what? Gotta think big to be big! 🙂 Is there anything on your bucket that you think I missed? Let me know! 















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